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Lovotti Air is one of the leading providers of top quality heat pump system service in Stockton, CA. From new installation and replacement to repairs and heat pump maintenance, our expert heat pump technicians can work on all types and brands of heat pumps. Lovotti Air was founded on the idea that an HVAC contractor should always do their best to exceed the customers’ expectations. That’s why our Stockton heat pump technicians are so highly trained and why we proudly carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Whether you need heat pump repair because your system is malfunctioning or you’re ready for new installation, call us today!

Call Lovotti Air today for professional heat pump service throughout the Stockton, CA area, including installation, repair and maintenance.

Why Consider a Heat Pump in Stockton, CA?

Most homeowners have a setup at their house that includes a furnace and a central AC system that work together to provide both heating and cooling. A heat pump system, as its name implies, moves heat from one place to another. In the summer time, your heat pump will remove heat from your home just like your central air conditioning system does. But the major difference is that when the weather gets cold, a heat pump can reverse its process and absorb heat in the outside air and bring it into your home to provide heating. These types of systems are highly efficient because they use only a small amount of electricity in the heating process. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of heat pumps in Stockton, CA.

Why Schedule Professional Heat Pump Installation in Stockton, CA?

While do–it–yourself projects are great for small things around the house, when it comes to your new heat pump, make sure that you call the Stockton heat pump installation experts at Lovotti Air. With many years of experience under our belts, we have the experience and the training to make sure that your new system is installed quickly, safely and with the high quality that you need for it to operate for many years. Poor installation is one of the main causes of heat pump problems so make sure that you contact our heat pump installation experts when you need a new system installed.

Signs That You Need Heat Pump Repair Service in Stockton, CA

While heat pumps are highly efficient, because they produce both heating and cooling, they get double duty throughout the year which can cause them to break down. Lovotti Air offers total heat pump repair service in Stockton, CA. Make sure that you call immediately when you suspect that your system is having any issues. Here are some of the most common to watch for.

  • Insufficient heating or cooling – If your heat pump isn’t producing enough heat or cold air, it’s likely a good time to call for service. This issue is often the result of a clogged air filter which merely needs to be changed. But it could also be something more serious like a refrigerant leak, a broken compressor or a bad fan motor. Our Stockton heat pump repair technicians specialize in finding the problem quickly and fixing it.

  • Noises – Keep a close ear out for any sudden new noises that your system develops. With all the moving parts that your heat pump has, new sounds are a common method that our customers use to detect problems. Hissing is often the sign of a refrigerant leak and squealing is probably caused by a loose or old fan belt.

  • Inefficiency – You probably already keep a close eye on your energy bills. If you see an unexplained increase, it might be the fault of your heat pump. Electrical failures, clogged motors and air filters, as well as debris, can all cause your system to operate less efficiently.

For professional heat pump service in Stockton, call the air conditioning and heating specialists at Lovotti Air today!



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