Does your home’s heating and cooling system fail to keep you comfortable during the winter and summer, respectively? Are you looking for ways to reduce energy consumption in order to reduce your environmental impact and save some money in the process? At Lovotti Air, we offer a wide range of ceiling fans for installation or replacement throughout the Stockton, CA area. Let us find one that suits your living space and then install it correctly so that it gives your years of service.

Ceiling fans can make a substantial impact on your home’s energy efficiency year–round, whether that means running your ceiling fans in combination with open windows during the moderate times of the year, or recirculating the cool air in your home so that you can raise the temperature slightly. We take pride in the ability of our electricians to take care of our customers. In addition to installation of the ceiling fan, our Stockton, CA ceiling fan specialists can also make sure that your existing ceiling fan works as it should with our repair services.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional ceiling fan services throughout the Stockton, CA area, including installation, repair and replacement.

Stockton, CA Ceiling Fan Installation

You may think of a ceiling fan installation as merely attaching the device to your ceiling and walking away, but it requires much more than that. Not only must ceiling fans be hard–wired into the rest of your electrical system, but they may also require a control switch on the wall. Moreover, selecting a ceiling fan of appropriate size is important. This is determined not only by the paddle size, but also by paddle length. We can make certain that your ceiling fan installation is completed correctly so that you gain the most from your device. If you’re curious as to whether a ceiling fan would be the right choice for your home, just get in touch with one of our Stockton, CA ceiling fan installation technicians today.

Stockton, CA Ceiling Fan Repair

Don’t settle for a wonky or noisy ceiling fan. If you sense that your ceiling fan needs professional attention, it probably does. Allowing a fan to operate while in a damaged state tends only to increase the damage and may eventually lead to replacement. Our Stockton, CA ceiling fan repair technicians have extensive experience with ceiling fans of all makes and models, and it’s likely that we can find a cost–effective solution. Our electricians are always available for ceiling fan repair services throughout the greater Stockton, CA area.

Stockton, CA Ceiling Fan Replacement

When professionally installed, a ceiling fan should allow you to raise your thermostat in the summer so that you can save on energy during an energy–hungry season. You should also be enjoying a gentle breeze throughout the living space which can often alleviate stuffy or stale air. If you’re not, then your ceiling fan may not be doing what it’s supposed to do. In addition to our installation and repair services, we also offer excellent ceiling fan replacement in Stockton, CA. Whether you’re replacing because of necessity or you want a new look, we can help. Call Stockton, CA ceiling fan technicians today to learn more about ceiling fans and to schedule a service.



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