Stockton, CA Duct Testing by Lovotti Air

Lovotti Air is a proud provider of duct testing in Stockton, CA. Most homeowners don’t realize the critical role that their ducts play in their home’s comfort and efficiency. All of the heated or cooled air that you pay for has to pass through your ducts. Any issues like leaks, cracks, pinches or collapsed sections can greatly reduce your comfort and efficiency. In fact, Energy Star estimates that in the typical home up to 20% of the heated or cooled air moving through the ducts can be wasted. If you suspect that your ducts aren’t working properly make sure that you give us a call immediately. Don’t sacrifice the comfort or efficiency of your home to bad ductwork. Call us today to talk with one of our Stockton duct testing specialists!

Call Lovotti Air today for professional duct testing service throughout the Stockton, CA area, including installation, repair and maintenance.

Signs You Need Duct Testing in Stockton, CA

Because ductwork is often installed out–of–sight in your attic or under your floors, it makes it difficult to see if it is malfunctioning or damaged. But keep a close eye and ear out for the following issues that could indicate that you need to have your ducts tested.

  • Inefficiency – If you notice an unexplained increase in the cost of heating or cooling your home, it might mean that your ducts are having issues. It could be that your ducts are clogged or that they’re leaking.

  • Noises – If your ducts have holes in them or if they’re collapsed or pinched, those issues might cause noises to emit from your ducts. Whistling, rumbling, rattling or flapping could all be signs that your ducts are in trouble.

  • Hot and cold spot – If only certain parts of your home get enough heating or cooling, it could be a sign that your ducts are leaking air out. Duct testing would allow our specialists to find those problems and fix them.

  • Odors – Another indication of duct issues is odors because of outside smells getting into your ducts.

How is Duct Testing Done?

There are a couple different methods of duct testing that our technicians use to determine the state of your ducts. With thorough duct testing in Stockton, CA, you can know for sure what issues your ductwork is facing.

Blower door testing in Stockton, CA

Blower door testing is a two–step process and is very useful in certain cases. Our Stockton duct testing technicians will seal up your home and attach a large fan to your door to pressurize your home, and then they’ll take a measurement of that pressure. The second step is to perform the same pressurization, but with the vents to your HVAC system sealed off. The two measurements are compared to get a general reading of your home’s air tightness.

Duct pressure testing in Stockton, CA

The second method is done on your actual ducts using a pre–calibrated fan. This fan will be attached to one end of your ducts while a pressure sensor is attached at the other end. The fan fills the ducts to a predetermined pressure and then the pressure is measured at the other end of the duct to see how much of the air actually makes it to the other end. This is a much more accurate method of testing your ducts.

Benefits of Duct Testing in Stockton, CA

So what do homeowners actually get from having their ducts tested? The main benefit to duct testing is that you’ll be able to identify the exact locations of energy waste and then repair them. By figuring out exactly where you’re wasting energy, you can know how to target your repair efforts. Duct testing is a terrific service for all homeowners to get so that they can start to seal up their ducts and increase their home’s efficiency.



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