Stockton, CA Heat Recovery Ventilator Services by Lovotti Air

One of the main weaknesses of modern homes is that they don’t allow for the intake of new, fresh air. Sure, you could open a door or some windows, but then you’re letting out a lot of heated or cooled air that you’ve paid to condition. Enter the heat recovery ventilator. These types of products work with your heating and air conditioning system to let in fresh, outside air while actually increasing the efficiency of your home.

Lovotti Air offers total heat recovery service in Stockton, CA for all makes and models of units. We take our work seriously and our dedication to our customers has allowed us to grow and expand over the years thanks to our loyal customers. Call us today to learn more about heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and to talk with one of our highly trained experts.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional heat recovery ventilator service throughout the Stockton, CA area, including HRV installation, repair and maintenance.

Heat Recovery in Stockton, CA: How Does It Work?

In most heating and air conditioning systems, the air that goes into the system is largely recirculated air from inside your home. A heat recovery ventilator allows homeowners to pull in fresh air from outside and pre–condition it before it enters the HVAC system. Here’s how they work.

An HRV is usually installed near the return air vent and connects to the outside. As air returns from your home to be re–heated or re–cooled, much of it passes through the HRV and gets exhausted outside. Simultaneously, the HRV pulls in fresh, outside air. The two streams of air, the one coming in from outside and the one exiting, never mix. Instead, heat from the outgoing stream is transferred to the incoming stream so that it is pre–conditioned before it actually gets to your heater. In the winter time the air coming into your home will be very cold while the air being exhausted by the heat recovery ventilator will be much warmer.

Benefits of an HRV System in Stockton, CA

So why should homeowners invest in an HRV system? There are a few terrific benefits that we wanted to list here. Call Lovotti Air if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule service with one of our Stockton heat recovery ventilator experts.

  • Increased efficiency – Because an HRV system allows you to pre–heat incoming air using the energy of outgoing air, you could be able to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home. With energy prices almost always on the rise, homeowners in Stockton, CA are looking for ways to reduce their energy usage and an HRV system could be a great solution.

  • Increased air quality – Modern homes are built virtually air–tight in order to keep as much of the heated and cooled air inside. While this is good for the efficiency of your home, the lack of fresh air could allow many types of contaminants to build up in your home’s air. Things like smoke fumes, chemical residue, dust, pet dander and others can harm your respiratory health. Exhausting stale air and brining in fresh air could do a lot to help your home’s air quality.



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