Stockton, CA Drain Repair Service by Lovotti Air

Any time you turn on a faucet, run your dishwasher or take a shower, your drains have to work hard to dispose of all of your waste water. Dealing with many tens of thousands of gallons of water every year is a huge task and your drains take a real beating. If you’re having any issues with your drains, just call the Stockton, CA drain repair experts at Lovotti Air. Our Stockton drain repair specialists are experts and have years of experience fixing all kinds of drain issues. From leaks and clogs to drain replacement, call us today if you’re having any problems or even if you’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen and need all new drains installed. Our dedication to your comfort and to the quality of work that we do ensures that the services we provide will be top quality.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional drain repair service throughout the Stockton, CA.

Common Drain Repairs in Stockton, CA

Modern plumbing systems are actually pretty amazing when you stop and think about all of the intricacies that go into designing and installing them. While they are durable and tend to last for a long time, the near–constant use that your drains endure can eventually lead them to develop a number of common issues. Lovotti Air proudly offers fast, high quality and affordable drain repair service in Stockton, CA. Take a look below, and if you’re having any of these problems make sure that you call us for service.

  • Clogs – This problem is probably familiar to all homeowners. We’ve all had to grab the plunger and force loose clogs in our homes’ drains at some point. Clogs can happen because of mineral deposits from hard water, food waste, solid waste, tree roots and many other issues.

  • Leaks – Another common problem with drains is leaks. If you notice dried water spots or actual puddles near your home’s sink drains it likely means that there is an issue. Leaks can develop because of poor workmanship, old age or cracks in the pipes.

  • Noises – If your drains make any gurgling sounds when you run the faucet or when you use another drain somewhere else in your home, it’s usually the result of a clog or a pressure imbalance. As water moves through your pipes, it pushes air in front of it and it also creates a vacuum of space behind it. The gurgling is caused by that air pushing its way through the clog.

  • Odors – Odors can be a big issue with drains. If you look under your bathroom or kitchen sink you should see a curved piece of pipe which is often referred to as a drain trap or the U–bend. This curve in the pipe creates a water seal that traps sewer odors from escaping out your drain. If the seal dries out, it will allow foul odors to come from your sinks.

How Plumbing Maintenance Can Prevent Drain Repairs in Stockton, CA

With all the use that your drain system gets, it’s bound to develop a number of problems that we mentioned above. However, Lovotti Air offers regular maintenance for all types of plumbing systems which includes annual visits, inspections and cleaning to prevent the need for drain repairs in Stockton. Doing this could have a number of outstanding benefits to homeowners everywhere.

  • Better performance – Usually, drain problems start small and develop slowly over time. During regular maintenance visits, our technicians will inspect your plumbing system for any small issues that could develop and then alert you to their presence to approve repairs. Doing this could keep your drains running well instead of slowly starting to clog or leak.

  • Reduced repair – By finding small issues early, you could catch them before they become larger and more costly to repair.

  • Longer life – By having your plumbing system regularly inspected and maintained, you might be able to keep your drains and pipe system operating longer.



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