Stockton, CA Gas Line Service by Lovotti Air

Natural gas is a terrific fuel source for many homeowners because it is cheap to buy and it powers many different types of appliances including water heaters, laundry dryers, furnaces and more. But like any fuel source, natural gas does have its risks. Carbon monoxide naturally results from combusting fuel which is deadly to humans in large enough quantities. Also, gas leaks can be devastating as well. If you need gas line repair or gas line installation in Stockton, CA just give us a call. We are fully licensed to work on both residential and commercial gas lines so whether you have a gas leak that needs repair or you’re looking to re–route the gas lines through your home or business, our gas line experts are standing by. Call today with any questions or to find out more about our gas line service in Stockton, CA. We can handle any type of natural gas piping service you may need, including the installation of a flexible gas line.

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Stockton, CA Gas Line Installation

Laws regarding gas line services are very strict and we here at Lovotti Air are in complete compliance. The law requires that any gas line installation has to be done by a licensed professional, so if you’re remodeling your kitchen or home and need to move one of your gas–fired appliances, let us handle the gas line installation. Our Stockton gas line installation experts can talk with you about the installation process and what will be required to make sure that your new appliances operate safely. We can work with any type of gas piping material, including flexible gas lines, so call us today.

Stockton, CA Gas Line Repair

Gas lines do one thing: carry gas from your street and into your home. While they do transport a lot of gas, there aren’t that many things that can go wrong with your gas piping. However, poor installation is probably one of the most common causes of gas line problems. Call Lovotti Air if you need any kind of gas line repair service in Stockton, CA. Here are a few common causes of issues with your gas piping.

  • Rust – If your gas piping was installed near water lines, condensation or leaks can drip onto your gas line and cause it to eventually rust and leak.

  • Gas line joints – Just like water supply pipes, your gas lines need to be sealed at their joints. As the seals age they can deteriorate and allow gas to leak out.

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What to Do If You Smell Gas in Your Home in Stockton, CA

A gas leak in your home is a very serious problem and can definitely pose a health risk to you or anyone else in your home. Natural gas is odorless but your utility company will add a sulfur–like odorant to allow you to detect it with your sense of smell. There are a few steps that you can take if you smell gas to protect yourself, your family and your home.

  • Leave your home and open doors and windows – The first step that you should take is to get outside and open as many doors and windows as you can on the way out.

  • Call 911 and your utility – The next thing to do is call 911 and your gas utility. If it is safe, you can shut off the gas valve for your home at the supply line.

  • Do not use any electrical switches – Don’t turn any lights or appliances on or off.

  • Use a flashlight – Don’t use matches or a candle to go hunting for the gas leak.

Look for other signs – Don’t just rely on your sense of smell. If you see dying vegetation, bubbling water or if you hear hissing sounds around your home it could be a sign that you have a gas leak.



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