Stockton, CA Sewer Line Repair and Replacement by Lovotti Air

The sewer line in your home is probably one of the most important parts of your entire plumbing system. It connects all of your drains to the sewer system for your city, which means that anytime you turn on a faucet, do a load of laundry, take a shower, or flush your toilet that your sewer line has to dispose of that waste water. If your sewer line clogs, collapses or starts to break down in any way it will likely cause big issues for your home’s comfort and function. That’s why Lovotti Air offers quality sewer line repair and replacement service in Stockton, CA. We are a full–service plumbing company that is dedicated to the quality of work that we do and to the satisfaction of our customers. Our plumbers are highly trained and are experts at finding issues and repairing them quickly. Call us today for professional sewer pipe repair service in Stockton, CA.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional sewer repair and replacement service throughout the Stockton, CA area.

Signs You Need Sewer Repair in Stockton, CA

Most sewer lines are installed deep underground to avoid foul odors and damage. But this makes it hard to tell if your sewer line is having any problems. Keep a close watch out for some of the following signs that might mean you need to call Lovotti Air for professional sewer pipe repair service.

  • Multiple clogged drains – If several of your drains are clogged simultaneously it could be an indication that your sewer line is clogged. Because all of your drains connect to your one sewer line, any issues with it will likely cause problems in more than just one drain.

  • Strange plumbing behavior – It might sound funny, but if you notice your plumbing system operating strangely when one fixture or appliance is running it could mean that your sewer line is in trouble. An example of this might be that when you flush your toilet your shower drain overflows; or when you turn on your sink your toilet overflows. Any anomalies like this are usually a bad sign.

What Causes the Need for Sewer Repair in Stockton, CA

So if the sewer line at your home is buried underground to protect it, what causes problems with sewer lines? There are a few common culprits that our Stockton sewer repair experts come across.

  • Tree roots – If you have trees or large pushes on your property, their roots might actually cause huge problems for your sewer line as they try to find water. We’ve come across entire sewer lines that are totally filled with tree roots and actually had to be replaced.

  • Collapsed sections – Over time, because of old age or shifts in the ground, your sewer line can collapse or crack. This can restrict the flow of waste through the pipes or allow dirt and sediment to fill the line.

  • Solid waste – Whether it’s hair and soap scum from your showers, food from your kitchen, solid waste from your toilets, or a kid’s toy, your sewer line can get clogged from solid waste just from regular usage.

Why Schedule Sewer Replacement in Stockton, CA?

Sometimes it is simply not feasible to repair your sewer line. When this happens, you must schedule professional sewer line replacement in Stockton, CA. If your sewer line is very old, corroded or made of outdated materials, a full sewer replacement may be best. Call today and one of our plumbing experts will determine if a sewer line replacement is the right option for your home.

Call Lovotti Air for Sewer Repair in Stockton, CA

The expert plumbers at Lovotti Air can handle any issue that you’re having no matter how large or small. Our years of experience and our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction drive us to always try our hardest to provide you with high quality service. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly Stockton sewer repair technicians.



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