Stockton, CA Solar Water Heaters by Lovotti Air

The endless and free energy of the sun can be used for a variety of purposes, including heating your home’s water. Solar water heaters are a terrific option for homeowners who are looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy that they have to buy from their utility company to heat water for their home. That’s why Lovotti Air has a complete offering of solar water heater service in Stockton, CA. From repair and maintenance to installation and replacement, our experts can handle any services that you need.

Lovotti Air is a family–owned, full–service plumbing company that is dedicated to our customers’ complete satisfaction. Your water heater is one of the only appliances in your home that you use from sunrise to sunset. Showers, laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking and much more, all rely on a consistent supply of hot water. We work hard to provide all of our customers with the high quality solar water heater service that they deserve. Call us today if you need any kind of service for your solar water heater in Stockton.

Call Lovotti Air today for professional solar water heater service throughout the Stockton, CA area, including installation, repair and maintenance.

Can A Solar Hot Water Heater Really Work In Stockton, CA?

Many of our customers express concern about solar water heaters not getting enough sunshine to provide sufficient hot water. However, unlike solar panels, which do rely on actual sunlight, solar water heaters use the heat energy of the sun to provide hot water. This means that even on cloudy days, your solar water heater can still absorb heat from the sun to heat your home’s water. If you have any questions about solar water heaters and their effectiveness in our climate, just give us a call here at Lovotti Air. We can talk with you about all of your options, including using a solar water heater in conjunction with a more traditional type of unit.

Stockton, CA Solar Water Heating Options

There are two different types of solar water heaters on the market and Stockton solar water heater technicians at Lovotti Air can work on them all. All solar water heaters have one thing in common: they have a collector which is usually mounted somewhere outside where it can get unrestricted access to the sun’s heat.

Active Solar Water Heaters in Stockton, CA

These types of solar water heaters use electronic pumps to circulate water or a refrigerant through the collector. Direct circulation units actually pump your home’s water through the collector where it absorbs the sun’s heat and then the system returns the newly–heated water to your home for use. Indirect systems circulate a refrigerant into the collector that gets very hot. The heated refrigerant returns to a tank where the heat is transferred to your water.

Passive Solar Water Heaters in Stockton, CA

Passive systems rely on the thermo syphon principle of water which dictates that hot water rises and cold water sinks. In many of these systems, the hot water storage tank must be installed above the collector so that the water that gets heated in the collector naturally rises up into the storage tank while cold water supply from your home flows into the bottom of the collector.

We Repair Solar Water Heaters in Stockton, CA

Like any other water heater, your solar water heater will eventually develop issues. Lovotti Air is here with any solar water heater repair that you need in Stockton, CA. Our expert plumbers and solar water heater technicians can handle any issues that you might be having. Leaks are a common occurrence in any type of water heater simply because of the amount of water that they handle. Insufficient hot water is another problem that solar water heaters face—just like other types of systems. Call us today for any solar water heater repair service that you need.



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