Stockton, CA Water Heater Maintenance by Lovotti Air

When you stop and think about all of the tasks that require you to use your water heater, it becomes pretty clear that you need it to work almost constantly. However, with all the use that your water heater gets, it will certainly start to develop a number of problems. One of the best things that you can do to keep those small problems from becoming larger and more costly is to have your water heater regularly maintained. Lovotti Air offers meticulous water heater maintenance in Stockton, CA for all makes and models of systems. Whether you have a traditional tank water heater, a heat pump water heater, tankless model or any other type, our water heater maintenance experts can tune them up. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly Stockton water heater maintenance specialists about setting up your next maintenance visit.

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Benefits of Water Heater Maintenance in Stockton, CA

So what’s the bottom line: what do our customers get for having their water heater regularly cleaned and serviced? There are some great benefits with doing so, including the following:

  • Reduced repair – Probably the most important potential benefit to regular water heater draining and water heater cleaning is that it could reduce the number of repairs that you need. Our water heater technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean, and drain your water heater to find any small problems that could be developing and fix them. By doing this, you could keep them from becoming greater problems in the future.

  • Increased efficiency – Your water heater accounts for a large portion of your monthly utility usage. With energy prices on the rise seemingly all the time, keeping your appliances working at peak efficiency can go a long way to reducing the amount of energy that you need to heat water.

  • Extended life – Think about how long your car would last if you never got the oil changed or the tires rotated. The same principle is true for your water heater. By taking care of little problems early instead of letting them get out of hand, you might be able to keep your water heater operating properly for much longer.

What Happens During Water Heater Maintenance Visits?

When you sign up for our water heater maintenance program, you’ll get annual visits from our expert plumbers. During these visits they’ll have a checklist of tasks that they need to perform. Performing a water heater flush is probably one of the most important things that our Stockton water heater maintenance technicians will do. Water heater draining allows them to remove any sediment or minerals that have started to collect on the bottom of your water heater. With a thorough water heater cleaning, your system will be more reliable and even more efficient. Not only do these prevent the heat from your burner from getting to the water, it could also cause your water heater to rumble. They’ll also check all the safety features on your water heater to make sure that they’re working well and not faulty. Additionally, they’ll check the valves, burner (if you have one) dip tube, anode rod, gaskets, flue and many other components to ensure that they’re all up to par.



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